Web Design and Webmaster Consulting In McAllen & Houston

About Alex Webmaster

Alex Garrido is the main web designer and owner of Alex Webmaster. Founded in 2011, Alex Webmaster has served 100+ clients in diverse fields and for multiple purposes. The main goal of Alex Webmaster is to give effective and affordable solutions for small business owners. We currently provide web design and maintenance services for 40+ clients . Alex Webmaster has two design teams:

  • Houston, TX Design Team: The first team that helped Alex Webmaster reach out to many small businesses in the Houston metropolitan area. The team is composed of Jorge Chipres, Ben Truff and Alex Garrido (weekends). 
  • McAllen, TX Design Team: primarily led by Alex Garrido from Monday to Thursday, the McAllen team hires part-time web designers as projects become available. 

Featured Client

The Barbershop at Spa La Posada

4500 N 10th St Suite 120, McAllen, Texas 78504

An Old fashion Barbershop in McAllen: Haircuts for men, beard trimming, and shaves

About Alex Garrido

Alex received is Cum Laude Bachelor of Science in Psychology (with emphasis in marketing psychology) in 2010 from The University of Texas Pan American. He later received his Web Applications Development Certification from the University of Houston -D. He began working with a major Houston-based SEO firm and latter founded Alex Webmaster Services and started providing contract-based webmaster services in the Houston-metro area. As demand for website services increased, Alex began hiring freelancers to complete the ever growing demands of his clients. In 2013, Alex Webmaster opened his office in South Texas and began providing webmaster services in the McAllen-Mission-Edinburg area.

Alex Garrido is certified in HTML5, CSS3, and PHP by W3Schools. He has thorough understanding of modern web design and cross-browser compatibility. Extensive experience with HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite products: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Edge Animate, and Dreamweaver. 

He is also a Web Design and Internet Marketing adjunct instructor at the University of Texas Pan American. For information about the website design certificate by UTPA please visit the Office of Continuing Education website.

Webmaster Services

Website Maintenance:

Sometimes business owners just want to change or rebrand basic elements from their websites. They might find that most webmasters and web designers would rather completely create a new website for them instead of updating the current one. This is because, depending on the previous webmaster, the website might require changes that the designer is not used to deal with. Every webmaster has his/her own way to code and make websites. 

At Alex Webmaster, we can work with your existing website. It does not matter if you have a Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), we have experience with some of the most common PHP-based CMS and can help you fix that minor detail as soon as possible.

We work on a fast-turn around per hour basis. Most common simple updates like image-updates, layout rearrangement, rarely take more than an hour or two. So you only get billed for what you need. Our hourly webmaster rates start at $40 per hour.

Website Search Engine Optimization

Are you having issues with Google or Bing accessing your site? Perhaps you hired a bad SEO guy in the past and now Google is punishing your site by sinking your rankings. Or maybe you are just starting up and you need for Google to index your site fast so that your clients can find you. We can help you with that.

Our approach to Search Engine Optimization is quite different to that of other local companies. We have been doing SEO for over 3 years and have experience with the latest Google updates. We focus on providing quality to the search engines and this philosophy is what helps our clients rank high on search results relatively fast. Instead of spamming the web with low-quality links and deceptive practices like most of our competitors do, we aim at continuously update our SEO strategy to comply with all the rules and requirements that Google might have at the time. This gives us a competitive advantage since most people do not follow the Google guidelines as well as we do.

We understand what search engines want and we make sure that you provide exactly that, quality.

Mobile Design:

Is your website mobile friendly? If it is not then you are probably frustrating your clients. Did you know that close to 65 percent of all online users use their mobile devices to search for information about a product or business. If they find your website and they have to navigate everywhere to find what they need they might choose a competitor that makes it easier for them to conduct business.

Mobile website development is about knowing what your clients need when they search for information about your product or service form a mobile device. Most people have a very small patience threshold when searching for information from their mobile devices. If your website takes too long to load, or if the site does not even display correctly on their screens, they might get a bad impression of your company and most likely will not visit your site again.

We consider the latest in research about online behavior and optimize your mobile website to not only display correctly on the different sizes of the screens of most mobile devices but we also make sure that your site is fast enough to load in a few seconds on a mobile device. This gives you a competitive edge and helps your website visitors get what they need fast. Mobile website development starts at just $100 for a simple website.

Google and Web Analytics

Did you know that Google can give you huge amounts of information about your website visitors for free? This is called Google Analytics and it can help you understand your customers better and increase the effectiveness of your website by providing the right information at the right time. Find out how long do people look at your website, what pages they visit before they choose to contact you, get an estimate on the age of most of your visitors or even get an idea about what are the general interest of your visitors.

Google Analytics is a great service that allows business owners to get a global perspective about their website and the impact it has on the website’s visitors. By understanding the client’s behavior, the business owner can with the help of an experienced Analytics Strategist, predict future trends and adapt to growing demands. 

Google Analytics integration is free. A complete analysis and consultation with an Analytics Strategist is available for just $40 per hour. Most report only take an hour or two.