Google Updates October 2012: The truth behind GPlus Votes

Ever since they appeared, GPlus votes seem to be a great idea for people to help Google find more relevancy in particular search queries. Yet, the temptation to influence ranking via buying and artificially manipulating search results let several webmasters to engage in Google Plus Vote’s exchange schemes and other forms techniques that seem like spamming in the eyes of Google. There was a time when Gplus votes really helped boost the ranking of particular search results alone, yet that day is far behind.

Do Google Plus Votes help with SEO: Not exactly.

You see, because so many people created vote exchange networks where you could literally buy thousands of votes overnight, Google has become distrustful over his very own tool. In a recent post, some pals reported that Matt Cuts stated that Google Plus votes DO NOT directly help you get higher rankings (read it here). But they do in deed help somewhat in your search results and I will explain you how.

Google Killed his own voting system

Because votes actually helped pages rank higher, Google gave a huge incentive for black hat seo to occur. As I reported when Google first removed one of the biggest feature of Google Plus Votes, Google has becomes cautions in giving authority to each vote individually. I have studied how Gplus Votes affect my client’s websites and came to realize that not all votes are created equal, and this is (i think) the secret behind Google Plus.

Moving towards Authorship Rank, based on Page Rank

Something that was quite puzzling to me is the fact that Google Plus Profiles actually can generate a page rank, actually nearly all links in a Gplus profile are DOFOLLOW. Now, for all practical purposes, Google created the rules of engagement when it comes to SEO… why would they purposely make something that has “DOFOLLOW” links in its signature product? My guess: to allow rank to pass through. You see, every time you comment in a profile, every time you vote, every time you are mentioned in GPlus, you are literally creating a link to your profile. This way Google can assign a value to your account based on the “page rank” that you have built, on the authority behind your profile. So, every link you share, carries “some” page rank… and this is how Gplus can be used to increase the ranking of a page.

DoFollow Profiles links inside Google Plus
Links from GPlus Profile Page are DOFOLLOW (blue)

Now, a Plus One vote counts, but if you look closely, if you plus one and SHARE, you get “two votes” on the official “GPlus Tracking” snippet. So, if you like and share, you get two DOFOLLOW backlinks from a Google Plus Profile, literally a “backlink from Google”. Check your Google Webmaster’s tools and you will see the number of “backlinks from Google” increasing as your content becomes more popular in Gplus.

The real power of Google Plus Votes:

  1. Authors that are ACTIVE GPLUS users are far more valuable than passive users and people who do not use many of Google’s products. A Plus One Vote or share from an authority in a particular niche is way more valuable than a vote from someone who just “plus one’s everything”
  2. The real power of Gplus votes is behind the person giving the vote, the more interactions within Google Plus for a particular hyperlink, the greater the boost in rankings.
  3. The power behind Gplus is that you get a DOFOLLOW backlink from GOOGLE. If a .EDU or .GOV link helped you before, imagine what a link from Google can do to your site? Of course, this link depends on the person giving it, but you get the point, right?

Having many followers in Google Plus can help you boost your Authorship Rank, so does giving votes to people writing content within your own field. The more you interact with people who are relevant in your niche/market the more you will help build your GplusAuthorship Rank and increase the SEO value of your votes and shares. Google Plus helps you get backlinks from Google

You get Backlinks from Google thanks to GplusAdd me to Google Plus if you would like me to help you for FREE to get more friends (I belong to a group of people who are actively looking to expand their friendship circle in Google Plus), I can help you get more followers and give you some more tips on helping your business grow with the help of Google.

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