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Thank you for searching for Logo Design Houston. Hi, my name is Alex and I am the owner of AlexWebMaster. As a company, we aim at providing our costumers with a compleate experience for their brand/business. As a business owner and psychology graduate, I know how important having a logo is for the success of your enterprise. The logo of your company is literally the soul of the business, people will love your brand or hate it sometimes just by glancing over your logo.

How we can help: Logo Design HoustonLOGO DESIGN HOUSTON

I have a small but powerful team of professionals ready to help you design an effective and profitable logo. I will personally sit down with your and your client’s needs. I will use the latest in marketing psychology and sociology to develop the most efficient logo for your company. The final product will appeal to the instinctual desires of your costumers and increase brand affiliation using parallel thinking.

The Rule of Simplicity: Logo Design Houston

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a logo is better when is over-elaborated. This is a mistake. Some of the most successful logos are very simple indeed. This is because the human brain has a harder time remembering complex patterns. Hence why high-contrast, simple, and straightforward logos are employed by big corporations.

Look at Walmart, McDonald’s, Marriott Hotels, they all cater to human psychology to bring logos that are fast, simple, and memorable.

Being a psychology graduate, I know how the human brain perceives patterns. My logos are cognitive-sensitive and they retain elements that are easily traceable to the origin of the company to create higher brand-loyalty.

Fast turn-around without quality compromise: Logo Design Houston

Other companies take weeks to develop your logo. Since we understand that small-medium business need a logo before launching their product/service, we help you by working overtime to deliver a quality product. All while staying in a compact budget.


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