How to Become a Google+ Local Top Reviewer in a Week

As i mentioned before, a top reviewer can not only bring more clients to a business because of his “popular” status, but also because a single review from a top reviewer can boost the SEO for a Google Plus Places listing. Businesses that have very little traffic through their Google+ Local account see and increase in traffic sometimes within the very day I write a review for them. Not only that, within a week their place’s listing starts showing up higher and higher in organic search results. Reviews from top reviewers are very valuable for any business and here I am going to teach you how to become a top reviewer in a week or even less.

Use Google Local Check in to become a Top Reviewer
The more Google Products you use with your account, the more trusted you become in the eyes of Google

How to Be A Google Places Top Reviewer

  1. Download the Google Plus App in your smartphone. Use the “Check In” feature constantly. Make sure you have your GPS activated if you want to increase the location accuracy. By check-in in, you are helping Google establish thrust with your account since up to this day it is hard to trick a false “latitude” data. Remember, Google is fighting hard Black Hat SEO and they will continuously increase the “bar” to thrust a Google Plus account.
  2. Increase your number of followers. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a Top Reviewer that has less than 500 followers. Usually top reviewers have large followings because they tend to be either funny or informative and people usually follow them naturally. Make sure you increase the size of your circles. If you need help, I belong to this “Circle Sharing” community that can help you boost your number of friends fast. Add me in Google Plus and send me a message so I can share one of this circles with you. Usually they will follow you back because we all are looking to increase the number of friends we have. Follow me here.
  3. Write accurate reviews that stand out. Do not just write the standard “I like this place” review. Make sure you include detail information and personal recommendations. The point is to make people click on the “Found this helpful” button. Usually reviews that are a bit funny yet highly informative get people to click on it. For example, you liked a particular sushi roll in a Google Places review page write something like “Although my mouth had a hard time pronouncing the name of their specialty roll, it had a very easy time chewing this delicious roll. Take a dictionary because few things int he menu are in English. Otherwise, they have amazing prices and delicious dishes. Be careful with the wasabi! it is the strongest I have ever tried.” Make your reviews personal and engaging, that way people will like them and Google will love you.
  4. Stay relevant in your city: If you have a website with authorship markup, then writing a few blog entries about your city will help Google understand than you actually are involved in your area, this will greatly boost your visibility to other people in Google Plus. Like I recently started a website development company in McAllen and I am associating my name with the city (I am already settle in Houston but this is a brand new city for me), the fact than I am even mentioning McAllen is helping Google see than I am an author from this city which helps me boost my visibility in general for queries related to it.

The more you use your Google+ Account, the more you make it easier for Google to see that you are a real person and not one of the multiple spammer bots that have been created to abuse Google.

Write useful reviews in Local Listings to become a top reviewer
Interesting and fun reviews will make people click on “found this helpful” button and help you become a Top Reviewer fast

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