How to Remove Google Plus Profile, Votes, and People

I am always recommending my clients to get in Google plus, not only because it is a great platform to interact but also because of the added value of actually owning a Google plus account has on their rankings with proper SEO. Yet, there comes a time where you want to remove your account or a vote in  your website, in this page you will learn how to remove Google Plus. If you would like some free advice for your website or to be informed about the latest in search engines, add me to Google Plus and I will be happy to help you, just send me a message.

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Remove Google Plus Profile | Remove Google Plus Picture from search results | Remove Google Plus Vote | Remove Google Plus Friends (circles)

Delete your Google Plus Profile.

1. Step by step, you need to first sign in to Google Plus:

2. Then you need to navigate to the upper right corner where you see the drop down of your profile

Click on the profile tab

3. Click on account, and scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see something that says Delete Profile (you can also visit this link)

4. Read everything and you are set. Your profile will be scheduled for deletion.

How to remove your picture from search results?

You need to be signed in to your profile, go to your default profile tab (circled in blue in the image) and then click on Edit profile (red ink)

Removing your picture from organic search results


Scroll down to where it says “contributor to” and simply delete the websites you wish to be disassociated with. It might take a while for results to reflect your link deletion but eventually they will all be gone.

How to remove a Google + vote from my website

Some people have taken advantage of the fact that Google punishes “fake plus ones” on websites and have been blasting them to sink their competition in organic search results. There is no real way of actually deleting the plus ones votes from your website. If your website suffered severely from artificial votes, you can submit a reconsideration request or just wait… Google will eventually delete votes that seem artificial (that has been my experience)

How to delete Google Plus one circles?

If you have too many friends and would like to do some clean up here is what you can do:

Once you are signed in to your Google Plus profile, go to the tab that says circles (in the picture, black ink) and then select the circle  you wish to remove and click on the icon that has a trash can (blue ink). You are done, all friends in that circle will be gone.

Removing Circles in Google Plus

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