Confirmed: Schemer Can Boost Google Places Ranking, Case Study

Full disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only. The website I studied is not in any way related to me, they are not my clients, I am not paid to share this and I am just reporting the results of an Search Engine Optimization experiment I decided to take. I just followed the algorithmic response for one particular case after some social interaction.

Google wants to promote its own products, that is not a secret. They want you to become dependent on their technologies and are constantly trying to rely solely on their own databases for a variety of different services. The organic search results are not any different. Social interaction is a great way to help Google discover potentially great websites and enhance the quality of the web. Even Twitter’s CEO criticized Google for valuing more its own social signals over other websites out there (article).

“New” Social Signals and Google SEO Experiments

Having combined nearly all its products under one umbrella (Google Plus), Google is trying to create an online world where nearly all interactions occur within their scope (of course, it is on its own best self-interest to keep people dependent on Google). They are constantly trying to launch new products than can “hook people in” and one of those great products is called Schemer. I been using Schemer occasionally to find interesting things to do when I am bored. Basically you simply log in using your GPlus account and fill out a list of interests. They will short activities out helping you find stuff to do such as “go biking” or “take a glass of wine”. You can choose to find activities within your area, a particular country, or even your own home. It can get addictive after a while. You can write your own stuff to do and help inspire other people to do things. Being a Psychology graduate, I was interested in the fact that one of the chief operations of Schemer has a PHD in Psychology (of course, this is the perfect playground for all kinds of marketing psychology experiments to help uncover “what motivates people online”).

Long Story short, Schemer Boosts SEO

Ok, I decided with the help of some friends I hook on Schemer to try out an experiment. We decided to create a “Scheme” and spread out the word to other friends about it. With a very few “inspired people”, the Google Places listing of that particular post moved up. We verified the number of backlinks to the official website, the Places listing, and even the facebook fanpage. Nothing changed, no major SEO modification (well, of course the nearly daily SEO algorithmic changes) but only the website we decided to watch actually moved up in search results.

How Schemer can help with a Search Engine Optimization campaign?

You can get a backlink from Google
Schemer lets you backlink via pictures

Basically Schemer is just another form of a “citation” for a “places listing”. Schemer allows you to put a picture of the business and a link to the business which happens to be a DoFollow. A closer look and you realize than when you check, you do not see a backlink from, you see a backlink from Google (I find this very interesting). Social signals are important, and as I explain on this article about how Google Plus can boost your SEO, “who is interacting” in your Schemes makes a huge difference. Google is capable to tracking down which accounts are real and which are fake, so I recommend you finding real Google Plus users and help inspire you to new SEO levels. :)

You can add me to your Schemes following this link: , I love to get inspired by “thoughtful” Schemes, let me know if you write some and remember to put your business picture (it has to be related or else they will take it away) on the photo area.

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